Speech 4



I write to heartily identify with and register my support for the 2016 Trade Fair and Sales Exhibition being organised by the Nsukka Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture holding from 10 to 21st November, 2016.

The theme of the Fair, Promoting SMEs and Agriculture for National Economic Recovery is timely.

Giving the dwindling state of Nigeria’s economy and the need to look inwards for resources for its recovery, it is pertinent that we in Enugu North Senatorial District, culturally called Nsukka Zone, pull in one direction for the socio-economic health of the Zone. The emerging industrial clusters in the Zone and the comparative advantage we have in Agriculture are platforms to leverage on to create a solid economic hub, and self-sustaining economic tapestry. The clement weather of our district and the geographical location as the gateway to the Northern part of the country accord distinct advantages to us. By identifying and emphasizing on our advantages and the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, we can carve a niche for our Zone as a bastion of economic activities and take off the streets the army of unemployed young people in our district, whose energies and enthusiasm can be channeled into productive ventures. That is why the emphasis on SMEs, placed by the Fair, is heart-warming, because it is a veritable podium for empowerment.

I wholeheartedly endorse the Fair and wish all participants very fruitful times.



Senator Chukwuka Utazi