NOTES that Dams and Reservoirsare used for irrigation, water supply, hydro-electric power generation or some combination of two or more of such uses.

NOTES that the importance of Water to life on earth cannot be quantified.

OBSERVES that across the country, there are Dams and Reservoirs that are leveraged towards service delivery to the people of the catchment area.

INFORMED that the South-East geo-political zone of Nigeria is in acute shortage of water supply as a result of inadequacy of facilities, such as Dams, that could be leveraged for the provision of water supply, irrigation or for purposes of hydro-electric generation.

INFORMED that this acute water scarcity is nowhere more biting thanin Enugu North Senatorial District comprising the whole of Nsukka Zone consisting of a population of more than five (5) million people who have no access to safe drinking water.

INFORMED that the AdadaRiver Dam Project located in the District, which when completed is expected to generate and hold about 1.3million cubic metres of water all-year round and would ameliorate theburden of water scarcity in the area has however been beset by underfunding by the government.

INFORMED that the ground water level in and around the Nsukka area, which make up the Senatorial District, is deep, sometimes averaging 1000 metres to found sustainable water supply.

OBSERVES that this natural depth of water level in the area makes it extremely difficult for the populace to have access to safe drinking water as boreholes are burdensome to dig.

OBSERVES that UNESCO has specified that 50-100 litres of water per person, per day are needed to ensure that most basic needs are met and few health concerns addressed.

RECOGNISES that of the three basic needs of man, viz, water, food and shelter, water is by far the most important and it has been shown that human life can survive even in the absence of the other two, but cannot, for any length of time, in the absence of water.


Accordingly resolves to:

  1. Mandate the Senate Committee on Water Resources to carry out an inventory of ongoing Water Dams and Reservoirsprojects across the Country with a view to ascertaining their levels of completion and ensure increased allocations to them in the 2017 budget cycle.
  2. URGE the Federal Government to appreciate the existential importance of Water and ensure that the Nigerian populace have access to safe drinking water as a matter of priority.
  3. URGE the Federal Government to take particular note of the insufferable water scarcity in Enugu North Senatorial District and take measures to ameliorate same.